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Grass Three Tie Bales

Grown at a high elevation in the legendary San Luis Valley in Colorado, US (known for supreme grade alfalfa), this grass hay is produced in a low moisture climate that ensures its consistent, soft, palatable, high quality. This hay is an excellent, cost-competitive alternative for Orchardgrass because of its protein content and texture.

The 80-90lb bales ship in 14 bale bundles which offer the convenience of easy handling while maximizing the loaded quantity in 53′ van trailers to 560 bales!

Our offerings consist of single and double bales and other roughages. We can also assist in the supply of niche products such as Beans, Peas, Rice and other pulses. Wheaten Bran, Hominy Chop, Rice & Oat Bran, Soya Oilcake, Full Fat Soja, Sunflower Oilcake, Cotton Oilcake, Canola Oilcake, Cotton Seed and Feed Barley.

Single Compressed
Bales Product

Single Compressed
Bales Product

H404 | Western Orchardgrass Two Tie Bale

This two-tie Orchardgrass is grown in the high altitude dry region of Colorado. This orchardgrass is conditioned for optimum softness and the bales weigh approximately 60lbs. No preservatives are used on this hay.

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H301 Wheat Straw Bale

H301 | Wheat Straw

Longer fiber wheat straw is perfect for foaling and general bedding purposes. This straw is available in two-tie and three-tie bales; however, H301 is specifically packaged in 21-bale bundles.

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H608 | Western Timothy 1st Cut Three Tie Bale

H608 Western Timothy 1st Cut is grown and harvested at the ideal stage of plant maturity baled in retail weight three-tie bales. Being lower in protein and high in digestible fiber, this incredibly palatable hay is ideal for backyard, endurance, and competitive horses alike and is also popular amongst small pet enthusiasts as well.

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H702 3 tie Orchardgrass/Alfalfa

H702 | Orchardgrass/Alfalfa Three Tie Bale

Our three-tie Orchardgrass/Alfalfa mix hay is a beautiful, soft and green mix sourced from South africa. This blend is approximately 90% orchardgrass and 10% alfalfa. Each bale weighs approximately 90lbs.

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H601 1st cut Alberta Timothy

H601 |  Timothy 1st cut Bale

H601Timothy is available in various grades, depending on the year. This forage is grown in meticulously managed stands under pivot irrigation in South africa. The bale weight ranges between 50-55lbs and they’re packaged neatly into 21 bale bundles. A traditional 53′ van / intermodal container contains 777 bales.

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H600 | Western Timothy 2nd Cut Three Tie Bale

H600 | Timothy 2nd Cut Three Tie Bale

Our Premium Western 2nd cut Timothy in a three-tie bale is soft, green, and highly palatable. Popular with boarding facilities, recreational riders, show horses, and those feeding mature horses, our Premium 2nd cut TImothy has been a leading choice for consumers looking for a softer timothy hay option. Each bale weighs approximately 100lbs.

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H604 | Timothy 1st Cut Double Compressed Bale

H604 |  1st Cut Double Compressed Timothy

Our first cut retail weight Double Compressed Timothy is popular among domestic and export clients alike. Whether you’re trying to pack an ocean container or a horse trailer for a weekend show, these compressed bales maximize efficiency by requiring less cube space per pound. Bale weight is 50lbs standard but can be pressed into 75lb bales, if required.



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