Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange



Product Types

Navel – Baladi – Sweet

Packaging Picking Packaging According to client request Outer Cartons8 Kg Carton – 15 Kg Carton – According to request sizes Shipping Probably by Sea Description South Africa Garden’ natural Valencia Orange trees grow in the finest of South africa soil. The sweet oranges are picked off at their ripest. They are a perfect fit for juicing. They are packaged according to client request.

Fruit Farming

Fruit Farming was established in 2005 and specialises in the production of soft citrus fruit.

Fruit Farming owns and manages citrus orchards in the following regions:

  • Letsitele in the Limpopo province;
  • Burgersfort valley, on the border between the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces;
  • Nelspruit in Mpumalanga; and
  • Heidelberg and Swellendam in the Southern Cape.

Geographical diversification allows for the extension of the fruit packing season and further provides for reduced risk exposure of the orchards as a whole to area specific climatic events.

Fruit packing

Naranja Packers is a specialised citrus pack house in the Burgersfort valley, suitably equipped for the sorting and packing of soft citrus fruit. This pack house packs all fruit produced by Indigo Fruit Farming in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, as well as fruit for other farmers within the Burgersfort region.

To make provision for fruit from the Southern Cape, the group has a joint shareholding in Swellenfruit Packers, a specialised citrus pack house in Swellendam that is also equipped for the sorting and packing of soft citrus fruit.

Fruit marketing and sales

Fruit farm has a longstanding relationship with local and international supermarkets. The group therefore has its own local marketing division and is, in collaboration with Core Fruit, responsible for maintaining key relationships within the industry and the marketing of its fruit.


AvailabilityProduct NameShipping WeeksEarly Navel Oranges (Navalina)49 - 3Mid Navel Oranges
(Washington – Palmer - Baianinha)
3 - 6Navel Late Oranges (Lane Late)5 - 13Valencia Oranges7 - 22
Packing Information
40 Feet ContainerOrangesCarton weight15 OTPallet Dimensions / M1*1.2No of carton / Pallet65No of Pallets / Container20No of carton / Container1300Container Net Weight / Ton19.5


Easy Peelers
AvailabilityProduct NameShipping WeeksEasy Peelers (Minneola)52 - 4Easy Peelers Mandarin (Fremont)48 - 51Easy Peelers Mandarin (Tango)52 - 3Late Mandarin3 - 13
Packing Information40 Feet ContainerEasy PeelersCarton weight15 OT /10 OTPallet Dimensions / M1*1.2No of carton / Pallet65 / 112No of Pallets / Container20No of carton / Container1300 / 2240Container Net Weight / Ton16.5 / 22.4

CalibrationMandarin / MinneolaEUxx1xx112334Count55658090100110120

Product NameShipping Weeks(Limoneira – Lisbon)50 - 6
Packing Information
40 Feet ContainerLemonCarton weight15 TBPallet Dimensions / M1*1.2No of carton / Pallet80No of Pallets / Container20No of carton / Container1600Container Net Weight / Ton24


Product NameShipping WeeksLimes31 - 37
Packing Information
40 Feet ContainerLimesCarton weight4.5 OTPallet Dimensions / M1*1.2No of carton / Pallet200No of Pallets / Container20No of carton / Container4000Container Net Weight / Ton18


Product NameShipping WeeksGrapefruit51 - 5

ProductsDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay  W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4Oranges                        CitrusVariety                        Navel Orange Navalina                    Navel Orange Washington                    Navel LateLane Late                Cara CaraCara Cara                ValenciaOlinda                                    Products DecemberJanuary February March Week no.W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4Easy Peelers                Fremont            Minneola            Tango        Murcot        Ortanique                         ProductsDecemberJanuaryJulyAugustSeptemberWeek no.W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4LemonLimoneira            LimesBearss            GrapefruitStarruby                                   

Delecta’s Citrus division areas:

Limpopo: Tshipese, Vivo, Letsitele, Burgersfort, Hoedspruit, Marble Hall/Groblersdal Mpumalanga: Nelspruit
Kwazulu Natal: Eshowe
Eastern Cape: Kirkwood, Addo
Western Cape: Citrusdal, Piketberg, Robertso