Granular Fertilizers

Plaas Kunsmis

Lawn Fertilizer / Nitrogen Fertiliser / Plaas Kunsmis, Gauteng

Wholesale Fertilizer / Plaas Kunsmis At we have been selling plaas kunsmis / fertilizer for the wholesale market since 2009, supplying clients all over Southern Africa such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Direct from plaas kunsmis / fertilizer importers to you! We are agents for many of the biggest fertilizer (plaas kunsmis) importers in South Africa, and thus we generally can give very competitive prices, made even more possible by the fact that we transport directly from the importers warehouse in Durban / Richards Bay / Port Elizabeth / Cape Town to wherever the product is required, thereby cutting down on storage costs and double transport rates! Retail Fertilizer (Plaas Kunsmis) distribution in Gauteng Although we have specialized in wholesale fertilizer distribution in Southern Africa, we realized a few years ago that there was a desperate need for retail fertilizer distribution as well, due to the very high costs of fertilizer in the retail market, this price was sometimes 400% higher than the wholesale fertilizer price (per kilogram) and it was clear to us that we could offer the same product for a much lower price direct to the retail customer through our online garden centre ( and thereby cut-out the many middle-men that operate the retail fertilizer industry… so if you want to buy fertilizer per bag (10kg / 20kg / 25kg / 50kg) on our online garden shop, click on the banner below.

Chemicals Solutions
Styrene (stabilised) for synthesis. CAS 100-42-5, EC Number 100-42-5, chemical formula C₆H₅CHCH₂.
Methyl methacrylate (stabilised) for synthesis. CAS 80-62-6, EC Number 201-297-1, chemical formula CH₂=C(CH₃)COOCH₃ Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) 225kg
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) Flakes 99%
Sodium Sulphate Industrial Grade - 25kg
Sulphuric Acid CP - 2,5l
MTSA Hydrochloric Acid 30% (5L)
Hydrochloric Acid 30% -33% 25lt
Sodium Hypochlorite 12-15% 40kg
Sulphuric Acid 98%, 1000Kg
Hydrochloric Acid CP 30-33%
Abyx Chemical - UDB142 - Adeo
Chemicals And Reagents Petroleum Ether40/60 2.5Lt
Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) 99.9%
Methylene Chloride 210L

we distribute wholesale seeds locally as well

Before we even started supplying wholesale fertilizer (plaas kunsmis), our first port of call was in fact wholesale seeds for farmers across Southern Africa. We have been involved in many projects ranging from animal production to human food production, and we have been buying from all the major seed importers since 2008, when we first opened our doors for agri business.

Initially we sold seeds on our online garden centre (, but the varieties have always been listed in retail prices, and we had very limited seed varieties listed online. But, last year, we decided to add our entire agricultural seed catalog on our online garden store, but at wholesale seed prices (using very low margins), making it a very cost-effective option for the average retail customer requiring lawn / turf seeds and vegetable seeds alike.

The advantage for anyone buying anything less than full 20kg / 25kg bags is that you automatically get 5% BACK IN REDEEMABLE POINTS when buying your seeds on our online garden shop, which means the average retail customer is actually buying seed cheaper than our normal wholesale seed prices. Of course wholesale seed customers will normally get 10% to 20% OFF these prices based on the size of their orders, and thus we still prefer to send out quotations for wholesale seed customers (also to make sure they are getting the right seed for their application.)

So, if you require agricultural seeds at our wholesale prices please click on the banner below and we’ll be happy to send you a formal quote (with the applicable discount.)

Granular Fertilizers

Granular Fertilizers

Feel free to request a quotation for any of the following granular fertilizers listed below:
—- wholesale fertilizer – granular fertilizers in 50kg bags or bulk bags —-
  • Diammonium Phosphate (DAP 18-46-0)

  • NPK Bulk Blends like 2:3:2 (22), 2:3:4 (30), 3:2:1 (25), 4:3:4 (33), 5:1:5 (36) etc.
  • Urea (46) / Ureum (46) – Granular / Prilled / Feed Grade
  • Potassium Chloride (KCL) – Granular / Standard / Jap Fines
  • Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) – Granular
  • Potassium Sulphate (K2SO4) – Granular / Standard
  • Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) / MAP (33) + Zn
  • Superphosphate (14) / Double-Phosphate
  • Calcium / Limestone Ammonium Nitrate (CAN / KAN / LAN)


Buy Hydroponics / Water Soluble Fertilizers, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Water soluble fertilizer in 25kg bags

Potassium Nitrate / KNO3 (water soluble fertilizer)
Potassium Sulphate / K2SO4 (water soluble fert)
Potassium Sulphate / K2SO4 (Ultrasoluble fert)
Potassium Chloride / KCL (Ultrasoluble fertilizer)
MAP Technical Grade (water soluble fertilizer)
Mono Potassium Phosphate / MKP (water soluble)
Urea Phosphate / UP (water soluble fertilizer)
Magnesium Sulphate / MgSO4 Heptahydrate (w/s)
Magnesium Sulphate / MgSO4 Anhydrous (w/s)
Magnesium Nitrate / MgNO3 (water soluble fert)
Ammonium Sulphate Crystalline / AMSUL (w/s)
Ammonium Nitrate Phosphate / ANMAP TG (w/s)
Urea LB (Low Biuret) Technical Grade (w/s)
Nitroplex 27N 13S + EDTA’s (water soluble fert)
Boron / Korrelboor 9.5 (water soluble fertilizer)
Calcium Nitrate / CaNO3 (water soluble fertilizer)
Calcika 95 / KNO3 + 1% CaNO3 (water soluble)
Aquaponix 5N 4P 24K 4Mg 10S + EDTA’s (w/s)
Hydrofood 6.5N 4.5P 24K 3Mg 6S + EDTA’s (w/s)
K-Nitro 11N 34K (KCL based) (water soluble fert)
Maxiblend (40) 16N 8P 16K + EDTA’s (w/s)
Maxifood (43) 17N 9P 17K + EDTA’s (water soluble)
Nitrix 23N 4P 4K 10S + EDTA’s (water soluble fert)
Potasblend 42K 2Mg 2S (water soluble fertilizer)
Ultrafood 14N 2P 32K 1Mg 2S + EDTA’s (w/s)
Zinc Sulphate / Zincsul Monohydrate (w/s)
Manganese Sulphate / Mansul Monohydrate (w/s)
Copper Sulphate / Copsul Pentahydrate (w/s)
Ferrous Sulphate / Fersul Monohydrate (w/s)
Boric Acid / BorX 17% (Powder / Granular) (w/s)
Aqua-B (water soluble fertilizer)
Microlates / EDTA Blend (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo, B)
Calcimix / EDTA Mix + Ca (Ca, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo, B)
Calcilate 100 / Calcium EDTA (water soluble)
Copper Aqualate 140 / Copper EDTA (w/s)
Iron Aqualate 130 / Iron EDTA (water soluble fert)
Manganese Aqualate 130 / Manganese EDTA (w/s)
Zinc Aqualate 140 / Zinc EDTA (water soluble fert)